FAKE domain: watweaks.com

What's happened

In January 2017 I was going to register the domain watweaks.com but I noticed that it was already purchased by another person. Then I decided to use a sub-domain of my website alex193a.com, creating in this way the OFFICIAL domain watweaks.alex193a.com.

In the following days, an user contacted me telling that he was the person who owned the domain. I decided, however, to leave everything in this state until the expiration of the domain, and then I would have purchased it.

Everything was going good until I noticed that a lot of people think, although on my Twitter account and on the Telegram channel is written watweaks.alex193a.com, that watweaks.com is the official domain. 💢
I have took this as a problem so I talked with this user on Twitter and I asked him to add the tag [UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE] in the title of the blog, but the user pretended to not understand, and he added the tag where it is not immediately visible.

I reiterated several times my request trying to be as understandable as possible, by sending images of how I would be made the change to the title. The user began to ignore me and then he blocked me everywhere. After my first official announcement of this problem, the user decided to write the tag [OFFICIAL] in the title, trying to fool the majority of users!

Of course, it is absolutely not true. I do not understand the reason of this unpleasant behavior. I am the developer of the app and only I can decide which one is the official site and my decision should be respected. 😤
Probably if he does not want to collaborate is because he gains a lot from advertising and do not want to give up his gains achieved with my work. 💸

I don't want to increase his hunger for success, and for this reason I'm not going to say his name. I want to avoid unnecessary flame wars or "shitstorm" on his profiles. I am better than him, I respect people in any case 😄
Eventually I have blocked him too, but if he want to contact me he can always do it by emailing to: support-android@alex193a.com

Although I've added a lot of alerts in the app, some users continue to visit that site, so I ask you to share this page especially if you live in India! 🇮🇳
Thank you for the attention, always support the original one. ❤️